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We are proud to announce that we are SHA Plus certified.

This means that our hotel has public health measures in place for COVID-19, while the ‘Plus’ sign confirms that more than 70% of our staff are fully vaccinated under the ‘Phuket Must Win’ vaccination programme.

Phuket Sandbox

How to prepare your travel

To help us with your travel and to prevent the spread of CCOVID-19, we would recommend our guests provide the following documents below before traveling to Thailand (List has been updated);

  1. Hotel reservation documents.

  2. Taxi reservation approved by SHA Plus (Reservation can be made personally or by us).

  3. Book RT-PCR COVID test (5200 THB for 2 tests. Reservation can be made personally or by us).

  4. Receipt for your RT-PCR COVID tests

  5. Appointment letter

  6. Passport.

  7. Fit to Fly certificate.

When arrived in Thailand, we would like you to do the following:

  1. Once your first RT-PCR test is done and when you arrived at our hotel. We would like you to avoid socialising or going out before your test results are negative or undetected. (Results take between 6-12 hours).

  2. Please take your remaining tests at the given time and location.

Book your taxi and more information, click here:

For personal RT-PCR COVID test, click here:

For our special Package, please go to Promotion section

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